Top Wonk Nomi Prins discusses how Deutsche Bank has failed to learn the lessons of the financial crisis which is why they have had to make such drastic changes. Watch more at Bloomberg Business 

A funny thing happened on the way to the ‘end’ of the multi-trillion dollar bond buying program known as QE – the Fed chronicles. Aside from the shift to a globalization of QE via the European Central Bank (ECB) and Bank of Japan (BOJ) as I wrote about earlier,what lingers in the air of “post-taper” […]

The recent spike in global political-financial volatility that was temporarily soothed by ECB covered bond buying reveals another crack in the six-year-old throw-money-at-the-banks strategies of politicians and central bankers. The premise of using banks as credit portals to transport public funds from the government to citizens is as inefficient as it is not happening. The […]


By Paul Craig Roberts and Nomi Prins According to news reports, UK banks fixed the London interbank borrowing rate (Libor) with the complicity of the Bank of England (UK central bank) at a low rate in order to obtain a cheap borrowing cost.  The way this scandal is playing out is that the banks benefitted […]


Spotify is racing ahead of the pack. And not just the pack of music streaming companies – though, there’s that, too. Through its freshly minted agreement with Starbucks , Spotfiy is also leading the pack of digital co-branders. Yesterday, Starbucks announced an innovative partnership with Spotify that enhances both firms and seems like a win for artists. Starbucks  […]